Effective June 5, 2023

Visa Debit Card Services
Visa Debit Card Replacement $10.00
Cash withdrawals at ATMs not operated by Newtown Savings Bank
This fee is separate from any fee the ATM operator may charge you.
Fee is waived for Flagship Business Checking accounts.
ATM and Debit Transactions conducted or processed outside the US
In addition to fee for ATMs not operated by Newtown Savings Bank.
This fee is separate from any fee the ATM operator may charge you.
Cash/Currency Services
Foreign Currency - Purchase ($100 minimum order)
Plus any delivery charges
Foreign Currency - Sell ($50 US minimum, paper bills only, no coin) 
Plus any delivery charges 
Special Cash Order – (for orders of $10,000 or more) $75.00
Loose coin redemption charges:


Please see a Bank Representative for more information

5% of total coins
10% of total coins
Collection Services
Bond Coupon Collection (plus processing fee) $15.00
Foreign Item Collection $20.00
Domestic Item  Collection Item $20.00
Foreign Draft Purchase $10.00
Foreign Drafts- Stop Payment (per item) $30.00
Returned Collection Item (per item) $30.00
Deposit Services
Account Verification - Deposit Account $10.00
Account Verification - Mortgage $25.00
Statement Balancing (per hour or fraction of hour) $25.00
Check Images on CD-ROM $75.00
Closing Account Under 90 Days $25.00
Copy of Paid Check (no charge if request is for less than 6 items) $5.00
Inactive Checking or Savings accounts after 1 year (per month) $10.00
Lost Passbook - Replacement
Money Orders
Money Service Business Monthly Service Fee 
Night Drop Bag Deposit
Notary Service (non-customer)
Official Bank Checks
Paper Statement (monthly)
Flagship Business Checking - No Charge
Returned Mail Processing $5.00
Signature Guarantee $5.00
Signature Verification (per item) $5.00
Statement - Special/Duplicate Statement $5.00
Stop Payment - Checks, ACH and AFT $30.00
Temporary Checks (page of 4)
Telephone Transfer Fee (not charged when using automated telephone system)
Zipper Bag
Overdraft/Returned Item Services

Insufficient Funds Fee - Paid
Insufficient Funds Fee - Returned $39.00
Uncollected Funds Fee $17.00
Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee $10.00
Payment Services
Credit Card Loan Payments (No additional principal payments; MasterCard and Visa payments only)
Consumer Loan 2% of transaction, $15.00
Commercial Loan 2% of transaction, $15.00
Mortgage 2% of transaction, $15.00
Research/Legal Services
Legal Services (Levies, Garnishments, Subpoenas, Executions, and Other Legal Service Processing) $125.00
Research Charge (per hour or fraction of hour) $25.00
Safe Deposit Box Services
Safe Deposit Box Drill $200.00
Safe Deposit Box Lost Keys $25.00
Wire Transfer Services
Incoming Wire Transfer $15.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer (domestic) $30.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer (international)
Check Printing
fee depends on style ordered

Rev. 06/23