Business Checking

Keep all the details of your business in check – with simple, sophisticated and convenient checking accounts from Newtown Savings Bank.

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Flagship Business Checking

Best for businesses with high transaction volume and/or multiple cash management services. Flagship Business Checking also provides a selection of features including:

  • Cash Management bundle pricing available
  • A free personal Flagship Checking Account for the owner

For a list of specific features, Compare Our Accounts.

Cornerstone Plus   Business  Checking

Busi nesses with moderate transaction volume may want to consider this account. With Cornerstone Plus, your business gains some of the Cash Management advantages over our basic business checking account with lower balance requirements of Flagship. This is a great account if you need some Cash Management and have less than 500 transactions per month. For a list of specific features,  Compare Our Accounts .

Cornerstone Business Checking

This is our lowest cost account for businesses that may not maintain the low $1,000 daily balance to waive the $10 monthly fee. After 125 transactions per month, a per transaction fee applies, therefore this account is best for businesses with a low number of transactions. For a list of specific features, Compare Our Accounts.

Business NOW

T his interest bearing checking account i s available to Sole Proprietors, Municipalities, homeowner/condo associations and Not-for-Profits.   For a list of specific features, Compare Our Accounts.

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Documents you'll need to open a Business Checking . Opening an account? The list of documents you'll need isn't very long but it differs based on the type of business. From Sole Proprietor to large Commercial Businesses, check out this list so you'll know what to bring with you.


eStatements are available on all Newtown Savings Bank checking accounts. eStatements bring your monthly transaction summaries to you much faster than conventional paper statements, while helping save the environment. If you are already an online banking user, just log in and click on the "eStatements" tab to enroll.    Log in to Online Banking Now.    If you aren't currently signed up for online banking, sign up today at your  local branch .