Cash Management

Combine the cash management services you need to manage your funds, speed up transactions, maximize interest, send money and streamline your financial operations. Let us build a package that works just for you.


Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit allows you to scan and deposit checks online into your bank account at your office. With the remote deposit capture service, you have more control over your time as well as your deposits.

  • Benefit from later, daily deposit cutoff times      
  • We’ll provide the remote deposit capture scanner and assist with set up
  • Online remote deposit application provides easy access and security

 Mobile Deposit  - Whether you’re on the road for business or relaxing at home on a Sunday afternoon, you can use our mobile check deposit app to put funds into your Newtown Savings Bank account as easily as taking a photo. Simply sign up for Mobile Deposit in your NSB Mobile app. 

ACH (Automated Clearing House) Origination - Electronically deduct a payment from your customer's bank account (with their permission) using ACH transactions. ACH payments are a secure, convenient way to handle billing. 

Lockbox - With our Lockbox payment processing service, we will receive and process remittance payments into your bank account and provide you a posting file for your Accounts Receivable system.

Electronic Lockbox - Scan coupons and checks right at your office and upload a posting file directly to your Accounts Receivable system. This is the best of both Lockbox and Remote Deposit services. 

Accounts Receivable Consolidation  - Allows you to combine different payment files such as ACH, credit cards or Lockbox into one file for upload into an Accounts Receivable management system.

Merchant Services
  • Credit card and debit card acceptance. 
  • Electronic credit card processing.
  • Gift and loyalty programs.



ACH Origination - Improve your cash flow and forecasting. Direct deposit your payroll and process your payments electronically. 

Online Wire Transfers  - Send domestic wire transfers directly from your office and transfer money where it needs to be without a trip to the branch and at a reduced cost.

Bill Pay
  • Pay bills online at any time, day or night, to any address in the United States.
  • Set up one-time or recurring payments days, weeks, or even months in advance.
  • Save time with online bill payment for all your bills in one convenient location. 

Fraud Prevention

Positive Pay & Account Reconciliation  - Positive Pay is an effective tool to help prevent check fraud and check scams because it allows your company to verify checks presented to us for payment. Account Reconciliation makes it easy to quickly reconcile your business checking accounts.

ACH Blocks and Filters  - For extra security, block or filter the ACH transactions you choose from your account.

Multiple Users for Online Banking  - Set up multiple user access levels and control employee authorities to account history, transfers, Online Bill Pay and Cash Management services.

Account Management

Sweep Account  - Put your extra funds to work by “sweeping” excess checking funds into a Repurchase Agreement account backed by U.S. Government Securities.

Zero Balance Account - Maintain zero balance by automatically transferring funds from an operating account in amounts only large enough to cover items presented.

Improve Efficiency

QuickBooks (Intuit)™ Direct Connect - Desktop Edition

Allows you to access your company’s account information, pay bills and transfer money directly through your Intuit financial management software.  We currently support only the desktop QuickBooks.  We do not support QuickBooks Online.

Check Images on CD-ROM  - Never deal with a lost check. Keep extra organized with cleared check images on CD-ROM.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Receive up-to-date reports detailing addenda information for your electronic credits and debits. The addenda record may include invoice number, customer name, etc.