Lock and Unlock your Debit Card.

Manage Your Visa Debit Card from our App!

Great news! With our Mobile App and Online Banking, you can manage the status of your Newtown Savings Bank Debit Card 24 hours a day.

Misplaced your card?  Temporarily disable your card using the toggle switch. Important, if you don't find it in a short period of time make sure that you report the card as lost.

Found your card? Change the status back to Active.

Report your card lost or stolen with one tap or click  . You will then need to contact us to get a card and we will send you a new debit card with a new debit card number. 

Reorder your Card. If your card is cracked or worn, order a replacement card with the same card number using the App. Your card will remain active until you receive a new one. A fee may apply.

Received your new debit card in the mail? Activate it.


Here’s how on our App:

1) Open the Newtown Savings Bank app on your mobile device. 
2) In the Accounts screen, tap on the name of the checking account that your debit card is linked to.  
3) Tap Manage Cards 
4) From the card(s) list, select the card you want to manage.   5). Choose from the options listed.

Here’s how on Online Banking:

 ) From the Dashboard, click on the account associated with the card you want to manage. 
2) Look for "Cards" and below it the card you want to manage. 
3) Click on the card. 
4) Click on the option you want.

Questions? Call, chat online or stop in and we’ll be happy to help.

*Only activate your card after you have received it in the mail.