Active Scam in our area

We are aware of an active scam where a few of our customers have been called from a phone number that appear as Newtown Savings Bank.  Newtown Savings Bank will never contact you to request account information or personal banking credentials on an unsolicited basis.


Equifax Data Breach

On Friday September 8, Equifax, one of the three major U.S. credit bureaus, announced an unprecedented data breach of personal information that may impact over 143 million Americans. The breach included Social Security Numbers, Dates of Birth, and other sensitive information. The breach occurred between mid-May and July of this year. You may want to learn more about the event, and take steps to protect yourself. 


Your payments and checks may clear faster than before!

Effective 9/15/2017 - Same Day ACH
New ACH regulations encourage same day processing of ACH transactions.  Three of the most common types of these transactions are:  
  • A check that used to take a day or two to clear, may be scanned electronically and clear your account same day.
  • Bills you pay online that previously took longer to clear, may clear your account same day.
  • Bills you pay over the phone may clear your account same day. 

In order to avoid overdrafts, we recommend that you:
  1. Have enough available funds in your account before making a payment.  Don't rely on transferring funds later in the day.
  2. Check your account balance using our mobile app or online banking.
  3. When you write a check, always assume it will clear the same day.
  4. When paying bills online, be aware of any information provided regarding the effective date of the transaction.

There is no change to the processing of any Direct Deposits to your account.  There are no changes to any other electronic credits to your account.  Electronic credits (ACH deposits) are already being processed multiple times per day.  The new ACH regulations now allow for the processing of electronic debits (ACH withdrawals) multiple times per day.