Learn More About NSBnetSavings products

High interest – FDIC Insurance.

NSBeSavings – No regular maintenance fees. Open with as little as $25.

NSBiSavings – Tiered rates but a maintenance fee if you don’t maintain a minimum balance.

With both products:

You can earn high interest on your money with 24-hour access to your account and you don't have to change banks. Your money is available whenever you need it, simply log in and transfer funds into to your linked account from where you pay your bills, write checks, make debit transactions or cash withdrawals. When you open your account, it is automatically linked to one or all the accounts you have specified. You are limited to 6 withdrawals per statement period.

Start making more money on your savings right now.

You don't have to switch your bank; simply sign up.  Open Now.

Safe and Secure – FDIC Insured.

Your deposits at Newtown Savings Bank are FDIC insured.


No need to change or close other accounts…

You can easily transfer funds from or to your account without charge. Once your account is set up, you may execute transactions via online banking at NSBonline.com. This automated technology is secure and ensures that your privacy and money are protected. Since you make deposits and withdrawals online, you have 24/7 access to making and scheduling transfers.

Open Now

Once set up, we will send a small test transaction to each account. Within 15 business days you will need to log back into NSBonline to verify the small transactions we've deposited to your linked accounts, all in amounts under $1.00. You will now be able to use the Bank to Bank Transfer function any time you choose.

Watch your money go to work earning interest rates that are far greater than the national average, day after day!

  • Monthly Fee: $25 (waived with minimum account balance of $5,000)
  • Free eStatement: Required
  • Write Checks: No
  • Free NSBonline and NSBmobile: Yes 
  • Interest: $5,000 minimum balance to earn interest. View Rates.
  • Branch Banking : No

  • Monthly Fee: None
  • Free eStatement: Required
  • Write Checks: No
  • Free NSBonline and NSBmobile: Yes
  • Interest: $10 minimum balance to earn interest.  View Rates.
  • Branch Banking: No

Important Factors to Consider:

  1. In order to offer the high interest we do not allow branch transactions nor do we allow transactions through our call center. All transactions will be conducted by you via internet banking  or mobile banking.
  2. Your money earns interest the day we receive your funds. The incoming funds must remain on deposit for 10 business days before they can be withdrawn. We do this to insure that the electronic transfer deposit has completely cleared before releasing the funds. You start earning interest the day it is received.
  3. There is a limit the number of withdrawals to 6 per statement period.

A couple of Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a "LINKED" account?

The NSBeSavings or NSBiSavings Account is linked to an existing account(s) you have with us or any another financial institution, making it easy for you to transfer money whenever you want. You can electronically link your Account to whatever existing account(s) you choose.

2. How many and what type of accounts can I link?

You can link your checking and savings accounts at Newtown Savings Bank or any other bank. There is a limit of four (4) external accounts. You can add and delete links at any time.

3. How do I make deposits?

All deposits and withdrawals are done using online banking at NSBonline.com or NSBmobile. The Bank to Bank Transfer function is used if funds are coming from our going to another Bank. Deposits and withdrawals pass between your linked funding account at other Banks and your Account via the Automated Clearing House (ACH). This transfer will clear next business day provided you complete your transaction before 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time in a business day. If you have a Newtown Savings Bank linked checking account, the transfer occurs right away. (After 6:00pm it will process the next day.)

4. When are deposits available for withdrawal?

Funds in your Newtown Savings Bank Account are available for withdrawal via Internet transfer to your linked account(s) ten days after deposit. They do earn interest beginning the first day of receipt.

5. How long does it take for money I transfer FROM my Account to appear in my linked account with another bank?

All funds transfer out of your Account via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) and are available on the next business day for all transactions initiated before 3:00 pm Eastern Time. Check with your financial institution regarding the length of holds they may place on incoming ACH transactions.

6. How do I get or change my login Password and/or ID?

Please call 800.461.0672 and a customer service representative will help you change your password or logon ID.