The upgrade previously planned for Thursday, September 20th will be rescheduled to a later date. The decision to delay the upgrade will allow us to introduce additional features with the upgrade.  We believe these added features will provide you with an even better online banking experience. 

 We're adding enhanced debit card management, enhanced security, design and functionality similar to our mobile app, and under the hood the engine is ready to support improved messaging as well as future budget management tools.

 We are keeping it easy

  • No change to ID and Password.
  • Continue to log in at  
  • No impact to ATMs, Branch Hours, and Customer Service Call Center. 
  • Mobile banking (using our Mobile App) will be available during the upgrade.

Important Information for a few customers to act on!

  • Bookmarks and Favorites: If you have bookmarked a page other than, now is a good time to change it to  
  • Scheduled Transfers to an account at another bank (bank to bank) will not upgrade. 
    • If you have one or more scheduled transfers, you will need to reenter them after the upgrade. 
    • You will not need to re-verify the account.
  • Mobile Only Customers: Make sure you know your password.  Your password is what you use when you log into online banking.  It is not the same as the "passcode" that you may use to open our mobile app.  After the upgrade, a few mobile transactions will require your password.  See the last four bullet points on this page.

Other Information 

  • Everyone will be asked to accept our updated agreement.
  • Cash Management Customers (Business Services) will receive additional communications as a few cash management functions are upgrading later.  You'll access the existing cash management screens from the upgraded online banking.  We've made it nearly seamless to move from one to the other.
  • Security Enhancement - First time use of a device (2FA) will require us to send you (via text or phone call) a one-time code to register the device.
  • Special Transactions -  A few transaction types will require your password on both online banking and our mobile app.