How do I open a checking account?
Opening a checking account is simple! You can either visit your local Newtown Savings Bank branch or open an account online.

What do I need to open a checking account?
All you need is a driver's license or state ID and your social security number.

How much does it cost to open a checking account?
Most checking accounts require a minimum deposit to open. Some accounts also have a monthly maintenance fee. You can compare checking accounts to learn more about our current monthly maintenance fees and other account features.

How do I make deposits?
All deposits and withdrawals can be completed in branch or at a Newtown Savings Bank ATM. You can also deposit checks to any account by using the mobile check deposit right within the Newtown Savings Bank app.
Mobile check deposit is easy!  From the dashboard of the app, tap 'Deposit'.  IF this is your first time doing a mobile check deposit you may have to enroll first.  Once you're enrolled, enter the check amount and tap 'continue'.  Next you will need to allow the app to access your camera so you can take a picture of the front and back of your check.  Tap 'Continue' and you are all set!
Can I add my Newtown Savings Bank Visa® debit card to my Mobile Wallet?
Sure! You can add your Newtown Savings Bank Visa® debit card to your mobile wallet for quick, easy and secure transactions. You'll save time, have everything you need right from your phone and get the benefit of increased security. Learn more about Mobile Wallet.

When will I receive my debit card and/or checks?
You should receive your debit card and checks within 7-10 business days after opening an account. You can begin using your debit card as soon as the card is activated and your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is set up.
What happens if my debit card is lost or stolen?
If you've misplaced your card, you can temporarily disable the card using the toggle switch in your On line & Mobile Banking app. You can switch the toggle back to Active once the card is found. If you can't find your card or if you believe your card was stolen, contact our team at Newtown Savings Bank to report your card as lost or stolen. We will deactivate your missing card and send you a new debit card with a new number.  More information here.

Can I use my Newtown Savings Bank checking account while traveling?
Traveling won't stop you from getting the benefits of using your account! If you're traveling and plan on using your debit card, you can set up a travel notice for your account. You can either call the bank or set the notice up yourself online. If you're using Online & Mobile Banking, head to the dashboard, click on Settings, and then select Travel Notices. Select Add Travel Notice and enter your destination and dates you'll be traveling.* Cards may only have one Travel Notification at a time. If you're traveling to several destinations in one trip, you can enter them all in one travel notification

How do I enroll in paperless statements?
eStatements are available on all Newtown Savings Bank checking accounts. eStatements are electronic versions (pdf files) of your monthly transaction summaries, available within our Online Banking system. 

To enroll from the app or online banking, go to your account from the main dashboard and select 'Settings'.  Then go down to 'Documents' and tap 'Enroll'.  From here you will be able to select which accounts you'd like to enroll in paperless statements.
What can I do on telephone banking?
The number for telephone banking is 844.211.1003 You can get current and available balance information, transfer funds and make payments between eligible accounts, check to see if a check has cleared or stop payment on a check, inquire about ATM or debit card transactions and activate your debit card.