Consumer and Auto Loans

Finance your dream ride.

Finance a vehicle, home projects or consolidate debt.

New Auto & Motorcycle Loans

Hit the road in style with your new car.

  • Finance up to 100% of the sales price
  • Qualifying borrowers can finance accessories and sales tax*
A new auto is defined as one previously not titled with less than 10,000 miles.
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Used Auto & Motorcycle Loans 

Rev up your finance game and take charge of those high car payments.

  • Refinance your car loan, buy out your lease or purchase a used vehicle
  • Finance up to 100% of the retail price
Price listed in the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) vehicle pricing guide on used vehicles and used motorcycles less than 10 years.
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Boat Loans

Ready to make waves with a new boat?  Here are some options to keep you afloat!

  • Borrow up to 100% of the sales price for a new boat up to 25 feet**
  • Finance up to 100% of the retail price listed in the NADA guide for a used boat
Used boat less than 10 years

Personal Loans

  • Fund large expenses or home improvement projects
  • Pay off your high interest credit cards
  • Proceeds can go directly to you or your creditors on your behalf. 

Other Loans

Overdraft Line of Credit

Overdraft protection sweeps the amount needed to your Newtown Savings Bank checking account in $100 increments to cover a check. Save on bounced checks or overdraft fees and repay your line in full or in monthly installments.  Apply in any branch.

Collateral Loans

Collateral loans allow you to borrow up to 90% of your certificate of deposit or savings account balance and repay yourself over time. Pay for a wedding, take a vacation or pay for the necessities of life. Choose from two payment options - interest only paid quarterly or monthly principal and interest payments. Apply in any branch.

Credit Builder Loan

This loan is for consumers with limited credit history, providing an opportunity to establish credit and save money. The repayment history will be reported to the credit bureau as a partially secured installment loan. The loan amount can be either $1,000.00 or $2,000.00 and the consumer would receive half the proceeds at the closing, minus a $25.00 processing fee. The other half would be held in a Newtown Savings Bank statement savings account as security and released when the loan is paid in full. Deposits can be made to this account to build the savings balance. Apply in any branch.
Effective Date:  October 19, 2023
Subject to change without notice.

Annual Percentage Rate
Maximum Loan Amount Monthly Payment Per $1,000
New Auto Loan
8.110% $50,000 $20.28*
New Motorcycle 8.250%
New Boat 8.75%
Personal Loan 11.990%
Credit Builder 10.25%

Loan closings can be scheduled at any one of our 15 convenient branch locations.

*APRs quoted are based on terms of 60 months.
**APRs quoted are based on terms of 24 months. 

Calculator iconCalculators

Use these calculators to estimate payments, compare rent vs. buy, and how much you could save by refinancing. View Calculators

*A signed sales agreement must be provided. Title, comprehensive and collision insurance required. Vehicle must be registered in the State of Connecticut.
**A signed sales agreement must be provided. A UCC-1 lien filing may be required.