About the Education Center

Newtown Savings Bank is excited to offer you these free online programs designed to help you learn about finances, credit scores, and what to look out for to keep your money and your information safe. 

After the notice that you are leaving the Bank's site to use one of our partner's sites, the program will immediately start (with sound). Click on one of the programs to get started.

Financial Education

These first four programs include some important basics, especially about identity protection.

Identity Protection

Credit Scores and Reports

Credit Cards

Checking Accounts

Mortgage Education

Programs about mortgages, home ownership, and we repeat very important information about credit scores. The insurance module goes beyond home insurance and explores additional personal insurance needs.


Credit Scores and Reports

Considering Home Ownership


Retirement Planning

Useful tools for Gen Y, already retired, and those in-between.

Retirement 101


Estate Planning

When to Collect Social Security

Managing Your Money

Four interactive videos to help you better manage your finances.

Build Emergency Savings



Overdraft Services Our video partner uses generic product names such as "Basic Overdraft" The product names in the video are for educational purposes only. For Newtown Savings Bank specific information and product names please refer to our Overdraft Privilege brochure .

FYI - A few of the controls

Most often used controls in the Financial Education Center. You can just watch and listen but if you want more control, look for the grey box to the right of each screen in the program.

The House goes to the list of four courses without returning to this screen.

CC is for closed captioned.

The play / pause is a toggle switch.

You can adjust the sound .

The black box with the white arrowhead will allow you to advance one screen. It's companion on the left side of the screen will take you back one screen.

At the top, the Welcome is primarily for future use when we may offer personalized videos that require a log-in. Currently this is not required. You can change the language between English and Spanish by clicking Welcome .

To get back to our website, either close the window or use the Bank's logo at the top left.