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Mortgage Banker
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Sean Reilly joined Newtown Savings Bank in June 2007. Sean is located at both the Dolan Branch in Bethel and the Plaza South Branch in Newtown. Sean’s past lending experience includes being a Mortgage Closing and Loan Servicing Representative. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus and has been leading the Newtown Young Professionals (NYP) for about 4+ years now. A proud Newtown native, Sean graduated from the University of Connecticut.

I look forward to assisting with your home financing needs - Sean

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Highly recommend working with Sean
Recently my wife and I had the pleasure of working with Sean to secure a mortgage for the purchase of our family’s new home. Sean along with his colleagues were professional, highly responsive, knowledgeable, and took the time to thoroughly explain every step of the process. He was able to provide a mortgage within record timing. They ran several scenarios to ensure I chose the best rate. This process was stress-free and seamless. Look forward to working with Sean soon! I highly recommend working with Sean to procure a mortgage loan.
Great first-time home buyer experience
Sean was a pleasure to work with as my wife and I were going through the home buying process for the first time. He was very responsive and ready to answer all our questions, and made it easy to understand what to expect throughout the way. What could otherwise have been a stressful time, Sean made the lending process simple and smooth. We definitely recommend Sean to anyone searching for a lender.
A Stellar Experience with Sean
Working with Sean as my mortgage broker was an absolute delight. He provided invaluable assistance throughout the entire process and worked diligently to ensure a speedy outcome. From the very beginning, Sean's professionalism and dedication stood out. He took the time to understand my financial situation and goals, allowing him to tailor his services accordingly. His extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry was evident, instilling confidence in his ability to handle the task at hand. One of Sean's greatest strengths was his efficiency. He wasted no time in gathering the necessary documents and conducting thorough research, resulting in a seamless and expedited process. His attention to detail ensured that there were no unnecessary delays, allowing me to move forward with confidence. Sean's communication was exceptional. He promptly addressed my questions and concerns, providing clear and concise explanations. His ability to simplify complex financial terms made the process much easier to navigate, and I always felt well-informed thanks to his regular updates. Furthermore, Sean's dedication to securing the best mortgage terms for me was impressive. He utilized his negotiation skills and network to explore multiple options, ultimately securing a mortgage that aligned perfectly with my needs and offered favorable rates. Overall, I cannot recommend Sean highly enough. His professionalism, efficiency, and commitment to outstanding customer service made my mortgage experience a breeze. Thank you, Sean, for your exceptional support and ensuring a smooth and timely outcome. 

Great first time home buyer experience
It was a pleasure working with Sean and team to obtain a mortgage. As a first time home buyer, Sean was very helpful and made it a comfortable process. I was impressed at how quickly he got things done. He was very responsive to texts and calls throughout the process. Highly recommend working with Sean!
Amazing and seamless mortgage experience!!
Sean was a pleasure to work with and he made it an easy process for my wife and I as home buyers. Always there to answer questions and help along the way. All promises came through on time and without any unforseen issues or changes! He also provided us with a rate that no other lenders could touch, which was amazing. We would highly recommend Sean and the NSB team for anyone!!!
Professional and Supportive
Sean is experienced and easy to work with. Throughout the process he was committed to helping my wife and I and answering all of our concerns. Highly recommend.
Sean and the Newtown Savings Bank Team Rock!
Can't say enough great things about Sean and the team at Newtown Savings Bank. Not only did they offer me a rate (2 points lower than other banks) but the mortgage process was seamless from start to finish. If your in need of a mortgage, Sean is your guy.
Highly recommend
Sean and his team were very professional and diligent throughout the whole process. Great communication and answered all my questions along the way, I would highly recommend.

Fast and Efficient
I recently refinanced my property in Danbury - CT, and I had a great experience with Sean's team. The process was quick, and I got the best rate on the market.

Great Mortgage Facilitator
As you contemplate what is going to probably be the largest purchase of a lifetime, I would like to recommend Sean Reilly at the Newtown Savings Bank as a mortgage officer. Sean is not only knowledgeable, efficient and a willing helper in this daunting process of obtaining a mortgage, but also a kind and personable helper during the process. Sean is readily accessible by telephone, text and/or email. Have a question, a problem or simply not quite sure what the bank needs or wants from you as a client - simply call Sean. He will communicate not only with you, but also with other members of the loan team to get the answers you need and want. Oh, did I mention he has the patience of Job in dealing with not too tech savvy personalities on the other end of the phone! This was not the first time that I had applied for a mortgage, but it was the most highly supported experience to date. He even managed to explain to a highly skeptical person (me) just why the bank needed Page 3 - intentionally left blank. Oh my what a chore! If you are in the market for that loan to purchase a new home, go see Sean and Newtown Savings Bank in Newtown CT.

An absolute pleasure to work with!
We started our initial mortgage process with a large Nationwide banking service and quickly pivoted to Newtown Savings Bank for a plethora of reasons; and in doing so, we were luck enough to get Sean's expertise and professionalism during this whole process. Being a first time home buyer, there were a lot of aspects that would go over our head. Sean would explain each detail and each potential outcome in real time, which very much helped to put our minds at ease. I could not recommend Sean enough, especially for those first time home buyers who need some guidance. 
Another home run!
I would highly recommend Sean Reilly & Newtown Savings Bank for any of your banking needs. I recently refinanced my condo which is typically a daunting endeavor. Sean made it painless for me. I was immediately comfortable by his friendly demeanor. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable about the product, and answered all of my questions. He provided a great recommendation for the closing attorney which saved me time of finding one on my own. Another home run! He took the stress out of all of it. Thank you Sean for making refinancing a breeze!!! I will send every one your way!

Keeps things moving
Sean is competent, approachable and keeps things moving. From the time I called him just to explore my situation, he helped me to see that we could make everything happen for my loan. This was in the middle of moving back from overseas and a lot of upheaval. Sean listened, asked the right questions, and swiftly got my pre-approval done. He explained how things work and what to expect. Sean estimated the date for closing perfectly, and kept every piece of the process moving along. If I had questions, he was immediately responsive and knowledgeable. On top of all of that, he is a really nice guy. I highly recommend Sean.

I wholly recommend Sean Reilly
If you are looking for an honest and approachable mortgage banker, look no further than Sean Reilly. Sean and the team at Newtown Savings Bank were more than helpful to my fiancé and I as we purchased our first home. Sean went above and beyond to make sure that we had a clear picture of what was happening behind the scenes as well as making sure all of our questions were answered. Sean's response time is second to none. Buying a home is a stressful process but Sean made it as effortless as possible. I expected it to be more difficult than it was, and Sean & Newtown Savings Bank exceeded my expectations in every facet possible. As a person who deals with clients every day, Sean treated me exactly how I strive to treat my own clients. I wholly recommend Sean Reilly. Thank you, Sean.

We highly recommend Sean Reilly
My wife and I worked with Sean on a mortgage for our new home. As first time buyers, we had a lot to learn about the process. Sean helped us every step of the way, providing information and details about everything we needed to know. He responded to our concerns and needs quickly and accurately, even after hours when we needed timely responses for the offer and subsequent closing of our house. Before starting the house buying process, we really didn't realize how much we would need to rely on our contact at the bank. We are so glad that we found Sean! He was personable, reliable, honest and timely with every interaction we had with him. We highly recommend working with Sean Reilly for a mortgage and home purchase!

Sean made the mortgage process joyous
Sean has been an extremely friendly and knowledgeable resource throughout the entire Mortgage process. Not only has he been able to answer all our (numerous) questions, he's reached out several times on his own just to ensure we were well prepared and understood how the process was moving. He has made sure we were clear as to how the entire house buying process works, and gave us the confidence that we were making the right decisions throughout. After a few sour experiences with our realtor, We were concerned our experience with working on finding a Mortgage would be less than joyous, but were genuinely surprised and delighted with how easy Sean made the entire experience. He has absolutely exceeded our expectations on all fronts. Sean's response time has been exemplary throughout, as we've never waited more than a few moments before he responded back to any inquiries we sent his way. All in all, Sean made the whole mortgage buying experience as joyous as possible. Thanks Sean, for all your help and hard work!!

Delivered the best experience
Sean Reilly just helped us close on our home purchase through Newtown Savings Bank. Sean was always available via phone or email throughout the process and was able to give us prompt, honest answers while setting our expectations. He was head and shoulders above his competition during this process, but also delivered the best experience we have ever had.

Extraordinarily helpful
I just closed my mortgage with Sean Reilly of Newtown Savings Bank. The experience was excellent. I highly recommend Sean to anyone who is in the market for a new home loan. Not only did he offer the best rate and terms, he made the mortgage application process very smooth, quick and clear. Sean was extraordinarily helpful at every single stage of the process. He provided me with comprehensive explanation of the assessment procedure, and criteria and time frame involved in the mortgage application. He was extremely responsive, personable, and available to talk to. He has gone out of his way on many occasions working on my loan. The result was a smooth and timely closing with no surprises.

Very enjoyable experience
Sean was able to match the lowest rate on the market and get me approved for my first mortgage without any hesitation or delays. An absolute pleasure working with Sean and I will definitely be using him for my next mortgage. The house warming card and Christmas gift were very nice personal touches which show his care for you as a person instead of the common client. Very enjoyable experience and highly recommended.

Thank you Sean
Sean made our first time buying a home an absolute pleasure. Not only was he incredibly knowledgeable on EVERY aspect of the process, but he made sure to assist 24-7 with any questions, concerns, inquiries etc. He frequently would help us even when he wasn't in the office, which to me shows incredibly dedication and passion for his line of work. Thank you Sean for truly helping us start our lives on a very positive note. I'm not sure what we would have done without you!

Very helpful throughout the process
My wife and I worked with Sean to get a mortgage for our new home. He worked with us through multiple offers and helped us through this important milestone of our lives of purchasing our first home. We went through Sean at Newtown savings because of the customer service and general honesty of him and his team. We were extremely happy with the response time and clarity of Sean and the rest of the Newtown Savings team. Sean was even willing to answer emails and phone calls on off hours to accommodate our schedule. My wife and I decided to get a special FHA-style loan that would provide the same rate no matter which bank we chose, but we went with Sean because of his customer service. He was very helpful throughout the process and even helped us expedite the closing of our house to finish before Christmas. We would recommend Sean to anyone who is buying a home in Connecticut.

Questions were answered quickly
Sean was tremendous guiding us through the mortgage process. As first time homebuyers, all our little questions were answered quickly with detailed responses. Sean was always proactive in the process letting us know the next steps and what to expect. After hearing some horror stories from colleagues about obtaining a mortgage, I was blown away by how smooth everything went. It also didn’t hurt that he helped us secure the lowest rate that even our lawyer applauded us on at closing. Thanks again!